My passion and curiosity for the field of graphic design is a continuous journey. I am constantly seeking to gain more knowledge from professors, peers, and publications. After completing my first graphic design course, I fell in love with the process and art of graphic design. Using the software came as second nature to me, furthermore sparking my interest in the field.


Art for me is not a career or a hobby, but a passion and way of life. Everyone views the world differently, but when I look around my mind buzzes with ideas about my material surroundings, especially when it comes to exceptional typography and easily communicated design. I find that I am most inspired by editorial design. The collection of visuals mixed with typography in these publications helps me gain knowledge and ideas to form my own grid structures and visual interactions.


My goal as a designer is to communicate messages clearly while still remaining visually active. I do this by incorporating experimental typography and active photography, while still following a simple underlying structure. This helps communicate the message clearly while still keeping the reader engaged. My endeavor to be a successful editorial designer is a continual exploration. Passion, curiosity, and inspiration are what guide my efforts into succeeding in the field. Design trends are always changing, but that is why I love the field. I am always eager to learn, explore, and dissect new ideas.



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Working with epoxy resin is like trying to control chaos. The unpredictable nature of how resin reacts with other mediums captivates me and holds my attention for long stretches of time. It is my goal to evoke this feeling of mystery and excitement while sharing the discoveries that I experience while creating my work. As your eye wanders through the abstracted areas of the work you can also begin to experience the creative process within yourself as you engage with my art.


I have always had a lifelong fascination with nature and science. I have especially been drawn to mineral formations, and the patterns and substructures that emerge in the organic world and cosmic universe. This obsession is still a constant source of inspiration for me as a painter. In my works I express these elements in a space that feels organic and spontaneous.


In my series Transmutation my paintings are created on hexagon panels. The reason being, hexagons are the strongest shape in nature. It is found in both the microscopic realm in both organic and inorganic chemistry. It is the base structure of DNA, how crystalline minerals are organized and built, and the pattern water takes as it freezes among many other things. Hexagons are the base of nature and life itself, which is what my entire series explores. Connecting the organic, inorganic, microscopic, and macrocosmic worlds into one.